Sydney Current Conditions
Heavy Rain. Morning Clouds. Mild. Humid. Temp@the moment : 21.8C Maximum: 26C Minimum: 20C
Rain since 9:00AM: 0.6 mm Humidity: 72% Wind speed: 14.8 km/h Wind direction: NE

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Wed, 12 Dec 2018 20:24:36 +1100 Tropical Cyclone Owen has developed into a category two system and is forecast to intensify further over the southern Gulf of Carpentaria.

National weather forcasts
recorded since 9:00am

Now: 21.8C Max: 26C Rain: 0.6 mm Wind: 14.8 km/h
Heavy Rain. Morning Clouds. Mild. Humid.

Now: 25.4C Max: 23C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind:18.5 km/h
Heavy Rain. Mostly Cloudy. Cool.

Now: 24.2C Max: 32C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind: 7.4 km/h
Mostly Cloudy. Warm. Humid.

Now: 27.5C Max: 19C Rain: 0.2 mm Wind: 3.7 km/h
A Few Showers. Mostly Sunny. Cool. Windy.

Now: 31.1C Max: 34C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind: 29.6 km/h
Mostly Sunny. Warm. Breezy.

Now: 23.6C Max: 33C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind: 20.4 km/h
Sunny. Warm.

Now:21.6C Max: 23C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind speed: 14.8 km/h
Partly Cloudy. Cool.

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