Sydney Current Conditions
Showers. Partly Sunny. Cool. Temp@the moment : 11.4C Maximum: 17C Minimum: 11C
Rain since 9:00AM: 13.8 mm Humidity: 85% Wind speed: 14.8 km/h Wind direction: SSW

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Tue, 19 Jun 2018 08:57:16 +1000 An initiative by Hay Inc in the New South Wales Riverina town of Hay is teaching young farmers life-saving 'drought driving' lessons on how to drive when faced with kangaroos on the road.

National weather forcasts
recorded since 9:00am

Now: 11.4C Max: 17C Rain: 13.8 mm Wind: 14.8 km/h
Showers. Partly Sunny. Cool.

Now: 3.8C Max: 15C Rain: 0.4 mm Wind:7.4 km/h
Sunny. Cool.

Now: 13.7C Max: 20C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind: 9.3 km/h
Sunny. Cool. Dry.

Now: 7.2C Max: 13C Rain: 0.2 mm Wind: 5.6 km/h
High Level Clouds. Cool.

Now: 22.4C Max: 32C Rain: 0.0 mm Wind: 13.0 km/h
Mostly Sunny. Warm.

Now: 8.7C Max: 19C Rain: 1.6 mm Wind: 7.4 km/h
Scattered Showers. Mostly Sunny. Cool.

Now:5.7C Max: 11C Rain: 0.6 mm Wind speed: 13.0 km/h
Sunny. Cool.

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